I bought this Chez Ami fabric early this year because I wanted to make a pair of Christmas Pajamas for the kids.  I used the applique from Stickbaer.


The pants came from this baby book which I almost forgot I had.  Melissa, a friend from our Yahoo Ottobre group, told me that the Kwik Sew patterns were great – easy to use.  I did not quite manage to get the entire outfit done in 30 minutes – like she does – but the pants were cut out, sewn, and photographed within 30 minutes.  

The pants are wider then I expected, however they look rather comfy, and since the pattern includes the rib knit cuff, they won’t be too long.  


OTTOBRE T-SHIRT – 3/2004 #3

I cut out a size 74, because the pattern looked rather small.  HUH?  Was that me talking? Ottobre patterns have been rather large in the past, for my little guys, so needless to say I was a bit surprised.  However, this pattern should make for a great tight fitting tee to wear under pinafores and other dresses I plan on making.   I even lengthened the shirt, because it seemed a bit short too!  

I am afaid there won’t be any modelling pictures until Christmas, so SHHHHHH!