Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post.  I will have to discuss my children more often.  I started to implement a few suggestions already this morning, when my youngest 22 mos. threw several tantrums this morning.  I put her right to bed, and although she did not fall asleep, it certainly helped mommy keep her cool.   This afternoon I will put my son in his room while my dd naps.  That will give me an hour of “AAAAHHHHH!” time.  Thank you for all the sweet comments.  It was so nice to hear that other moms have been through similiar situations, and conquered them the same way I did.


Here is a picture of the last client order I finished.  I closed down my shop – or better said put it in vacation mode – so I can enjoy the holidays with my children.  I love to bake, and I usually prepare the cookies at night, so we can decorate together the next day.  I also love to read Christmas stories to the children, and maybe find the time to do some arts and crafts.  Oh you know, Christmas is just a stressful time.   Just preparing the Christmas meal and Christmas day is alot of work, and it takes alot of my free time.  It also difficult because my husband has a tough schedule during the holidays.  He works 6 days a week and 14 hour days.  So, instead of having a more free time, I actually have less during this period.  Closing the shop, will also give me some time to come up with some new items for the shop, and sew some Xmas things for my kids.  I have a long To Do List:

  • Christmas PJS
  • Oliver & S Pajama sets
  • Underwear for my son
  • Jeans for my son
  • Corduroy Pinafore for my daughter
  • Hilco Velvet dress for my daughter
  • Velour pants
  • Beige Outfit for my daughter