My children were brats today.  Just plain simple brats.  My daughter must have thrown at least six – on the floor, hitting me, kicking her legs – tantrums.  My son destroyed every room he played in.  I finally had enough, put both of them in their rooms, and enjoyed a cup of tea for about 15 minutes, feeling guilty and second-guessing myself the whole time.  Finally I realized that unless they start respecting this house and my rules, and listen (every once and awhile), that I would do that at least twice a day.  Do I sound like a witch?

I am tired of not getting to eat lunch or dinner because the two of them have me jumping up from the table every two minutes.  I am tired of cleaning up after my 5 yr old all day long – and yes I mean it.  Today he went through my sock drawer!!!  Tore it completely up, and then left everything laying on the floor????  I was not even allowed in my moms room let alone go through her drawers.  I give him way too much freedom.  I guess that is what I get for sewing this afternoon.  What on earth leads me to believe that he will and can entertain himself for an hour.  

Oh well, now that I have released my frustrations, I feel much better.

Today it rained and poured like nothing I have ever seen in Florida.  We were under a tornado watch all morning, and stupid – yes stupid – me made a vetinary appt. for first thing in the morning.  The moment I headed north on 90 and saw those extremely black clouds I should have turned around and cancelled.  No, not me.  I decided to drive on, until the rain got so thick that I could not see the road, the ditch, nor the oncoming cars.  It was very scary, and I was frustrated and tired by the time I got there.  It did not end there…oh no….I left when things cleared up a bit, but I all I really did was follow the storm.  I ended up right back in the middle of things, and once again going about 10 miles an hour found my way home.  Soaken wet from unloading dog and child, cold because the temperatures dropped, and psychologically beaten by my kids all morning, I had a terrible day.

Now on to a more positive topic.  I sewed, and got the last holiday dress done today.  Yippee.  I also read about another new embroidery from Stickbaer.  

Isn’t this just adorable?  I love it, and have to have it.  Then Sara told me that my Mamu patterns arrived.  I am sort of looking forward to doing some Christmas sewing for the kids.  So the evening has ended on a more positive note, plus my knight in shining armor arrived to put the little ones to bed.  What more can a mommy want?