Thansgiving Day Graphics


Here is hoping that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  I did.  I was hoping that I would get a bit of sewing done, however my family and kids took up most of my time.  My husband and I prepared a lovely bird using Martha Stewarts cheesecloth advice, and it was delicious.  Afterwards, I had to lie down and take a nap.  It’s 7:00pm and the kids are in bed, are bellies are full, and my husband just said goodnight.  He manages a large retail store, and today he has to get up at 1:45am for their new opening time of 4:00am.  Ten years ago, we would have enjoyed a movie together.  I know Black Friday is an american tradition, however I feel very sorry for the families that have to work on this day.  Their Thanksgiving is cut short due to the craziness of this retail shopping day.  I also refuse to shop on this day because of this, and won’t shop on Thanksgiving.  There has to be at least one holiday a year where people can have a day off.  Enjoy your night, and your crazy shopping day.  I will be decorating my house for Christmas.