All I wanted to do today is sew and get my dresses done.  I cleaned the house, finished my laundry, so nothing stood in my way.  Yeah, right!  The cable guy called me just as I put Olivia down for a nap.  So he spent the entire two hours here while she was sleeping.    When she awoke and we finished lunch, I thought I would take them shopping for a little while, and then afterwards I would have enough time to finish up a few odds and ends, but no…….was it me that said all bad things come in threes.  Well make it fours.  All dressed and ready to go, I could not get the door open on my minivan.   Horrible thoughts started to enter  my head  – no panic would better describe how I felt, and low and behold, when I turned the ignition on, there was a horrible silence.  Nothing.  Nada.  No motor, no sound, no nothing.  My battery was deader then dead.  Now how in the world was I going to get this monstrosity of a car out of the garage.  Push it???? No way in ………  My day was starting to look pretty bad.  What in the world was I going to do with the kids?  No bread, no milk no cookies!  I started knocking on my neighbors doors hoping that one of them was at home, and yeah not only was he home, but he just happened to have a battery recharger.  What?  Why didn’t we have one of those things?  Because, he owned his own shop and repaired cars, that is why?  After 90 minutes, my kitten was purring again. I could not get the radio or DVD player to work, but the engine sounded great! Tarjay here we come!

Seeing that I have google searching for everything related to sewing, when I do find a moment to sit down (and believe me I yearn for it at least once a day), I look at other peoples blogs.  I am amazed at what everyone does and discusses.  Here is a site called Christmas Countdown.  It is filled with little Christmas pictures that you can post on your site each day.  It counts how many days are left until Christmas.  Banners are also included to recreate your blog during the Christmas season.

Then I bumped into this blog called Threads of Loviliness and she discusses sewing gadgets.  I love the one from Nancy Notions called a 5-in-1 sliding gauge.  I will have to look at that one.  If there is one gadget I have at least five of, it is a sewing gauge.  I use it for everything, but I hate the fact that it is not sturdy.

Last but not least, my good Ottobre friend Teri and her blog Mermaids (she runs the Yahoo group) mentioned my blog on her site.  She had kind words to say about me and my blog and I ditto those remarks.  I have been part of the Ottobre group for at least four years, and I feel as if I know half of the ladies better then I know my friends.  Recently two of them got to meet in Denmark, and all I could think about was “I wish I was there too.”  Well Teri has an unbelievable hubby who travels alot, and he always brings her back fantastic fabrics.  I know, can I order one of those please?  The hubby, not the fabric.   I would like the deluxe model, please.  Well, not only does she work with fantastic fabrics from all over the world, she sews beautiful things for her petite, skinny body.  Yes, there was a hint of jealousy there.  What was I thinking having two kids in my late thirties.

I am grateful for my car.  I love it.  It acts like a playhouse for the kids.  I sit them in front of the DVD player, and have peace for 20 minutes.  It always gives me a smooth ride, heated seats in the winter time, and I could go on and on.