A typical Monday morning, however no rush to get out of our pajamas this morning.  Nicolas has no school this week, no speech, no nothing.  It was fun just having a stress-free day with the kids.  I think they were pretty excited too, because Nicolas played by himself all morning, imagining all kinds of funny scenarios – train conductor, pilot, etc.  Olivia played right alongside with him, and together they amused themselves all day long.  I rarely had to intervene and entertain anyone.

This gave me a great opportunity to catch up on ten days of wash.  Whew, my back is killing me.  No wonder hubby asked me this morning if I had washed any of his t-shirts.  LOL.  I also cleaned the house, or should I say half of the house.  So now I can concentrate on sewing, sewing, sewing. ……..

I got a surprise this morning.  I had to take advantage of Yvonnes sale at Buntefabrics, and quickly ordered some of that wonderful corduroy and nicki.  They are lovely fabrics.  What always wows me about the european fabrics is not only the wonderful colors, but also the fact, that these fabrics come out of the dryer even softer and better quality then what I get in the mail.  Kapokier in OrangePandi I cannot wait to start on these fabrics. But work comes first, so off I go.

I am grateful for my sewing machines.

I am grateful for naptime.

I am grateful for long bubble baths.