It’s choice-not chance-that

determines your destiny!


Jean Nidetch

Sorry for the negative week I have been having.  Yes, I got the flu once again.  I guess it is no surprise considering the entire Preschool is sick, some of them for the second time.  Our weather in Florida is really cold at the moment.  We have had freezing temperatures every night for about a week.  My poor hydrangeas.  They look sad and droopy.  I hope they make it. 

My stress is over, at least for this week.  I have four more dresses to make, two this week, and two more after Thanksgiving.  Then I am rejoining the Ottobre group, and sewing some beautiful things for the kids.  I love sewing for the public, and I love the extra $$ it has brought me, but as long as I have Olivia at home, I just cannot make a dress a day!  I figured out that it takes me about two nights (approx 6 hours) to finish a dress and still get to bed at a decent hour.  Although, I love that my husband takes the kids on the weekend to let me sew, I always miss being with the kids.  And come on lets face it, no matter how hard our husbands try, when the little one is crying and the older one is whining, who would not get up and save the day, because poor daddy just cannot deal with all of it.  I want to make sure that the customers are getting a quality product, and I still have a life when everything is said and done.  So, I have decided to put my shop on vacation in the middle of December so that Christmas will be nice and relaxing.  It will also give me time to put together a few things for the shop.  I have alot of ideas buzzing around in this head of mine.

My Christmas business cards arrived last week.  I love the way they turned out.  I buy them at Lucid dream designs    xmas-business-card  I know I ordered them too late, but I give them out as a calling card as well.  I also have a few locations locally where I put them.  I can always use them next year too.