Boohoo!  I am sick again.  I have had a sore throat all day, and I am not a wimp, but this hurts.  I mean really really hurts.  I can barely find the energy or fun in anything today.  I just want to go to bed.  I have had 3 cups of tea, 2 hot chocolates, oatmeal and anything else I can find that will burn my throat.  I am so mad, because I just got over this crud.  I know my days have been long lately, and my nights short, but I felt so good.  I even went walking yesterday with a few girls from our playdate group.  It was 42 degrees outside, and we walked at a very fast pace for 1 1/2 hours.  It is not fair.

So I am keeping this short.  I did do a little sewing, and I love the way this dress is going to look.  It is a custom order.  I am using my most favorite fabric.  I would do anything to get my hands on some more of this.  Here is a hint.  I will post more pictures after I finish the dress.

Isabella Rose Dress

Isabella Rose DressIsabella Rose Dress Lace Close-up

Lace Up Close

Lace Up Close

I am sorry, but today I am not grateful.  On top of everything, my heater broke, so all the money I have made in the last month just flew out the window.  Life really sucks sometimes.