My broken heater will probably cost me $350, and I guess I should be happy that it did not cost me $3000, which was my original fear.  However, I needed it like a hole in the head right before Christmas. 

Getting sick again, is not exactly what I wanted either right now.  I am trying to get as much done as I possibly can, without cutting my time with the kids.  They are always my first priority.  Well, at least after drinking my Hotti Totti last night, my sore throat feels alot better.  Ever try one of those? They are great, and I think the bourbon/whisky just kills everything, not forgetting to mention you sleep like a baby.  

Then today, I decided to send a message to a coop owner about why she has not replied to my message in a week, and whether she had even gotten my message.  You never know, but her answer was a bit more surprising.   “Yes Jeanine I read your message. I have not responded because I
haven’t had time to prepare your added fabrics. Please be patient and
wait for a message from me. ”  Personally, I think that is a rude statement to make.  No apologies, no thank you, nothing but attitude.  And in the meantime, she answered everyone else’s emails, however she cannot find the time to answer mine.  I told her to refund my money “please” since we do not see eye to eye on several issues, and I am done with them.  She was pretty mad at me for constantly asking for updates, but she was holding onto a large sum of my money for more then five months.  I think I have a right to ask for an update. You know what, I would prefer to pay retail prices or order it myself and sell it.   Sara/Tina this is all your fault for spoiling us so bad. LOL.

On another note, check out this site Hautemammas when you get a moment.  I read about it at on Little Window Shoppe Blog.  These are mommy calling cards.  Would this not be a great gift for Christmas?  I may have to look into that for my sister.  How cute.  According to the blog there is a Discount:  Save 10% at with code: LittleWS

Mommy calling Card

I am grateful for music.  I listen to all kinds really, however I treasure the really good stuff.  It calms me when I want to relax, puts the kids to sleep and helps me clean at times.