Gummibearjunky wanted to know what our sewing history was, so I posted my link and here is my story.  I hope everyone joins in, because this could be fun.  Leave your links on her blog.

I started sewing right after I finished Highschool.  I fell in love with the Burda magazines.  As usual I spent more time dreaming about all the things I would sew, rather than actually sewing anything.  I really started sewing my own clothing when I bought a video showing me how to Tailor a Ladies Jacket.  The rest is history.  I absolutely loved to sew my own clothes, especially pants.  Then my son was born.  I bought all of his clothing in Germany, where the colors were bright and vibrant.  I found nothing like that here in the United States.  So I began sewing boys clothes.   In the beginning I made alot of heirloom clothing, then went on to Ottobre patterns.  I love the Ottobre magazines because their patterns had a european flair to them, and I love the fabrics they use.  Then my daughter was born 4 years later.  Here are several pictures of the first things I sewed for my kids.