This is going to be short.  I have spent way too much time on the computer in the last few days.  It always leads me to spend alot of money on fabric, not sew enough, and keep me away from other important matters. 

Someone with very good taste ordered my Santa Dress from my Etsy shop today.  Another reason to make this short.  And Sara and I are working together to order the Charm Bracelet line of fabrics at a great price of only $6.00 a yard.  Anyone want to join just go to the More Joy of Sewing Yahoo group and join the group.  The pictures are listed and a spreadsheet is available for ordering the fabrics.

I am grateful for our lovely house.  It is not too big, nor too small.  It keeps us warm, and cool.  It gives us shelter.  Many fond memories will take place in this house, and I am happy that we are fortunate enough to have one.