Anyone who has an Etsy shop or their own webpage needs to have some kind of photographic knowledge.  Taking good pictures really will do an emormous amount of good for your store.  I have been keenly interested in Photoshop ever since I opened Kinder Kouture.  I have ordered some tutorials and at night I listen to them in bed.   Fun.

Today, I read part of another interesting blog called Pretty Ditty.  The name is great.  “Everything is pretty, when you sing a little ditty.”  I am not quite sure what that means, but it sure sounds cute.  Anyways, she posted about textures and photoshop, and her blog entry is everything but boring.  How do you add a texture to your photo?  Well, a nice man on Flickr shares his secrets.  Free textures to add to your files are here.  This is great.  I had to try it out even though I don’t have Photoshop CS2 or 3. Grunge Frame

Olivia and Nicolas Polluted

Olivia and Nicolas Polluted

 This is so great.  Thank you.  Now, can someone please teach me to merge two pictures?  Oops already got it.

I am grateful for Christmas.  Most likely for all the wrong reasons.  I hope I am not offending anyone, but I have such fond memories of Christmas.  First of all, mom and dad loved to take us to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas Tree.  We also always had candles on the tree, which is a very german tradition.  My mom has always collected alot of german hand carved ornaments.  I also love our Windmills.  It is a german tradition/custom to celebrate on the 24th of December.  We would always get dressed up and then enjoy the opening of the presents while the adults sipped on champagne.  Then we would take a nice walk in the brisk cold winter night together as a family.  Dinner has always consisted of potato salad, bockwurst (german hot dogs), and brotchen (rolls).  So, good food, lovely memories, shopping, snow, decorations, beautiful things, fireplaces, pine, tangerines and nuts are all a part of some of the loveliest memories I have of Christmas.