I had a rather boring day today.  The house is clean, and my sewing room is finally organized, so I can open the closet again.  Wow, I found alot of great stuff to work with, so I am excited about some future ideas.  I have cut out the client dresses, and hopefully will have them done tomorrow.  My hubby is home again, and the children are so happy that they hardly notice me missing.  Good, they deserve alittle quality time, and I for one have had my share.  A little break from the two little squirts sounds like an excellent idea.

I bumped into a wonderful piece of software called Freedemon.  It allows me to edit all the RSS Feeds that I am interested in, and sits right in Windows on my Start Menu at all times updating all the sites I like to read.  It is an excellent piece of software.

Speaking of blogs, she did it again.  Iinu posted the loveliest shirt.  It sort of reminded me of the recent top Astrid made with the matruschka dolls.  Iinu used the new fabrics that everyone has been oohing and aahing over and the pattern Hannah from Farbenmix.  She is also holding a raffle, so you may want to head her way and leave a nice comment on her website.

Matryoshka blouse


I am grateful for my dogs.  All of them that I knew and owned.  Right now I have only Dusty, and he is a 13 year old West Highland Terrier.  He is sick alot, and I know that I will lose him soon,  however I am grateful to have been able to live with dogs so long. 

(I forgot yesterday, so here it goes…)

I am grateful for my friends.  This includes my oldest friends, my newest friends, and my blogging friends.  They all add something to my life, and life just would not be the same without them.