What a horrible day today!  First of all I was tired because my dog woke me up several times during the night.  Trust me I have no choice but to get up and let him out.  Then I was stressed because no matter how hard I try, I just could not get any sewing done.  Thank goodness no orders came in.  Then thirdly, the house is a mess, and you know how I am.  I cannot stand it when things get so out of hand, and they are.  It makes me lose my cool all day.  I even went shopping today, and found some really great looking sheets to use as pj’s.  Target really does an excellent job of bringing in some great prints.  I can make three pj’s for the kids and a set for me.  So today has not been the best day, and I need to end it by going to bed.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Boo Hoo no sewing today!Product Image

Checking out another new site today  “The big list of sewing blogs“.  I am listed at 272.  Big bummer.  I guess the more people link to my blog, the higher my number appears.    So now I am going to check out the top ranking blogs.

Ooooooh, here is another piece of candy.  This line is called Andalucia from Patti Young being offered by Michael Miller.  I love the fire assortment.  You can read more at her blog Modkidboutique.  mosaic7001206

 I love the flower fabric and the polka dots to match.  Oh I love all of it.

Lecien has some new fabric

I ordered a new pattern from Portabellopixie