I sent Lance away for a few days.  I needed to clean out my sewing room and organize my “stuff”.  I like to empty a room before I do that, which means there is all kinds of junk blocking the hallways and dining room, while I rearrange and reorganize.  I cannot think when I am constantly looking at stuff.  I like it clean.  Like a clean piece of paper.  It is so peaceful.  Oh that gives me flashbacks to my school days.  I remember rewriting my homework just because I made one mistake on the paper.  Everything lost its effect due to the scribble or eraser marks.  Living in Germany was always great, because you used real ink pens, and they have the magic eraser that would just zap away the ink blotch.  Anyways, I sent Lance fishing so I could spend the weekend with the kids relaxing.  He deserves it, and pretty soon his stress begins as the holiday approaches.  At first the kids were upset, however once I told them what we were going to do, they quickly calmed down.

Nicolas loves to “clean up”.  As soon as the room is empty, he comes in with piles of toys that he spills on the floor and plays with.  For him there is nothing nicer then a clean room.   It allows his imagination to run wild.  We spent the day playing and cleaning, making chocolate cupcakes, and pizza for lunch.  I promise that dinner will be healthy.  Vegetables will be present.  He used my cutting table as his “House”, and my clothing rack as his curtains.  The house stayed messy, and everyone was relaxed!

I am grateful for good food.  Fresh veggies and fruit, cakes and cupcakes and cookies, Yummy pasta, german food, ice cream, pancakes and waffles, bratwurst and schnitzel, red cabbage and mashed potatoes, GRAVY, butterball turkey, potato pancakes, teewurst, creamy potato soup, kohlrabi, cheese, etc……..  

I don’t know why, but I feel like I have been looking for great blogs, inspiration and new ideas lately.  I have not seen much on the new fabrics that were presented at the Quilt market either.  So going through the blogs, I found these pictures.pears This is Robert Kaufmann.  Cute.

corduroy - brownRK Cords.

Cicado StudioNature Baby Collections I love this one!

Some more inspirational photos.  I love these pants from Lina-Lu.  Why don’t I have such great ideas.  By seperating the purple from the busy print with the rick-rack, she gets alot of new opportunities to mix and match fabrics.  I love it.

and finally something for boys

This is from the Ottobre group.  She did a great job with the details, and I liked her blog as well.  This

blousedetailek She also led me to a new embroidery design site in Germany called Stick-baer.  Yahoo!  Here is another great teescottie topapplique - scottiescotty drawingskirt OD winter 2005 And to top off my evening, she sent me to a website that almost blew my socks off.   It is called Childrens Salon, and they carry designer clothing.  No not your typical Ralph Lauren or Burberry, but Prada, Dior and Armani.  This store is WOW!  And yet another british store, and yes I am shaking my head right now because the fashion is so absolutely adorable that I cannot understand why we don’t get this over here.  Here is an adorable outfit http://www.next.co.uk/shopping/children/newborn/13/3 or these http://www.next.co.uk/shopping/children/youngergirls/8/.  It is as if they took the designs right out of the Ottobre magazine.  Ok gotta get to work, and stop blogging.  Lovely.