My husband and I switched N over to a new daycare this summer.  He was only attending the school twice a week to help improve his speech and help me maintain my sanity.  Boys like to be entertained more often, and it was getting harder and harder to keep him happy.  Anyways, he started Kids Discovery in August.  Florida has a wonderful voluntary Pre-K program, and the state pays for everything.  I was very excited because I have not met too many people in this town.   The only playgroup in our neighborhood consisted of 13 mothers, and there was no way that I was allowing that many children in my house at once.  So, once we started in our Preschool, we met alot of great moms – mostly Navy associated – and together we go at least once a week to a park or Chick Fil-A to let the children run around and have an adult conversation.  I hardly remember what that was.

One of the moms – Sarah Henderson – is a photographer.  I love her pictures, and hopefully I will be able to make a trade with her – a dress for some pictures.   She has a wonderful blog and lovely children.  Her son and mine are in the same class, and simply adore one another.  I often visit her blog just to keep Nicolas entertained.  She is really very talented.

Other then that, I hit JA’s this morning and found some beautiful denim for Nicolas, and then hit Etsy for some add-on fabric as well as Superbuzzy.  Take a look….



Some fabrics I would love to have are Alexander Henry – Tillbrook

Some inspirational ideas I found at Iinu.  She has an amazing blog, and I hope she does not mind that I am showing off her ideas.  Love her things.  What a wonderful and creative person.  If you have a moment, please look at her blog.  She told me that not all these pictures are her designs, but I just wanted to show you how her blog is full of amazing things.

To add to my shopping spree, I decided to visit Huups and purchase a few embroidery designs.  I deserve to buy a few things for my children since I made a little cash this month.   Her blog is here.  I love the dolls.  Cannot wait to stich them out.   I have to make Olivia some much needed winter clothing.Spiegelwaldmatrushcka-dolls

I am grateful to have my sister so close.  She lives in CA, and I am in Fla., but she is always one phone call away, and always wanting to be closer.