I am extremely grateful for the internet.  I cannot even begin to explain how this thing has changed my life.  I love blogging.  There are so many talented people out there who open themselves up to the world and show us their creativity and generosity.  I love to use all the enormous amounts of information that the internet has to offer.  It is too amazing for words.  Whenever I need an answer to any question, I just type away.  Whether it is about our politicians, medication, sewing a blind hem…..I can find info on any topic on the internet.  It is truly remarkable that we were the first generation to witness the coming of this information age.  I can write my parents, share images, and videos or live camera footage to my friends and family in Germany.  Is that not great?  I can remember only talking to them once a week because of the time difference.  I can zoom in to a street I used to live on 40 years ago.  Find maps and people, educate my children, play games and listen to all kinds of music.  We are so fortunate to have this.