Where have I been?  Well buried under alot of red and green corduroy, making Christmas dresses for customers.  Having fun?  “Well of course I am.”  I am having alot of fun with my Etsy shop, and often I think of some of my blogger friends when I say “I have all these ideas dancing in my head”, but never the time to make them all.  Not a problem.  The problems I am facing now is whether it is time to think a bit more professional.

After receiving so many orders this weekend, I suddenly found myself running out of fabric.  What to do? What to do?  What to do?  Is it time to increase my prices, because the substitute fabric will cost me 2x as much as what I paid before, or do I finally order an entire bolt wholesale?  It kills me to order 5 yards and pay 4x what I pay wholesale.  However, I won’t need everything on the bolt – at least not this year.  Being a first year student in “Owning your own business”, has taught me a few lessons.  My first grade is a C+.  Although, I had no idea that my Christmas dress ideas were going to be so popular.  Maybe I need to go ahead and buy the bolts wholesale and spend all my profits now for next years business.  Is that a stupid idea?  Maybe I should save the profits and order wholesale fabric I need for Easter?  I still have at least 4 good weeks of Christmas sewing.

My sister says to add more things to my store.  Well, having two or three designs makes it easier on me.  If I only have to concentrate on two or three designs, I can sew faster, and get more done.  I only have to buy two or three bolts of fabric, ribbons and trims.  The more designs I add to my store, the more I have to buy, sew and sell.  I don’t think I could handle much more then what I am getting right now.   Next year my mom will be here in the US, and she will help me, when things get stressful.  Hopefully, I will be able to do a few craft shows before Christmas.   I think that sounds like alot of fun.

Pricing?  I have been asked by several retailers what my wholesale prices are?  Well Etsy shows my wholesale prices.  I don;t have any overhead or rent to pay, nor do I have an inventory.  I sew as I go.  I make one dress, photograph it on a model, and then offer it in various sizes, and sell and then sew.  It is the perfect Handmade Dress Retail Shop concept ever invented.  People either like your ideas or not.  I add up what my costs are, and then consider the time I spent sewing the garment, and viola my price is finished.  I have no markup.  Some complain I am too high.  Some say to go lower, but if I do I make no money.  Some say go higher, your time is worth more then what you charge.  Designer boutiques charge about $80 for all of the handmade items.  Well, I guess I am doing just fine if I am right in the middle. Right?

Maybe I need to do a bit of research.  This is all so exciting and new.