It is actually too late to be posting, but I always have an urge to check out my blog when everyone is asleep, and the quiet lures me into my office.  It is pouring rain outside, and the sound is so comforting.  I want to stay awake for a few more hours, but I am afraid that I just cannot take care of two toddlers on less then six hours of sleep. 

Interesting day.  I have been waiting for an Etsy order for the last three weeks.  I have had alot of email questions, and hits on my shop, but no orders.  I was getting a bit worried.  Even though I love the quiet time to allow my imagination to go wild, I also like the fact that my shop means something to people, including myself.  I don’t expect to get rich, and afford that nice BMW, but I would like it to pay for my fabric purchases, and maybe a few other things I want.  Well, finally today I got hit in the morning, afternoon and night.  Three orders.  All Christmas dresses.  Ebay listings ended today, and no auction.  Again.  I am frustrated with Ebay.  I will continue to try and sell the dresses there through Xmas, and then I am leaving it alone.  Too expensive.  Etsy attracts so many more buyers, and it is so much cheaper.

Last but not least, once again I was asked about my wholesale pricing.  Hmmm.  I thought about it again, and to be honest, my Etsy prices reflect my wholesale prices.  I have no inventory.  I have no fabric overload.  I have no rent.  I charge the customer my rock bottom prices.  The $$$ for the cost of goods, and the for the amount of time it takes me to make the outfit.  I don’t mark up my goods at all.  Hmm, I cannot wait to hear what she says.

The rain is incredible.  It has been pouring for the last three hours.  We have almost 3 inches now.  I will sleep good tonight.  Some pictures of fabrics I bought from Superbuzzy tonight.