Polka Dot Santa
Polka Dot SantaSantas Face

This is the third Christmas dress I am offering in my shop.  This was done already in the middle of the week, but I have not had the time to take pictures.    There is just too much going on in my life right now.  Between spending time with all of the moms I met at Kids Discovery, Speech class, PreK and everything else important, it is really hard to find any extra time.  Today we spent the day in Pensacola.  I was able to run into JA’s to buy some buttons, ribbons and some lovely flannel for pj’s.  Then we took the kids to Hobby Lobby.  Lance had never gone into that place, and he could not believe how big it was.  He kept uttering the words “dangerous”, because he knows how much I love Christmas.  I love to decorate every room, and preferably with handmade things or really beautiful Christmas things.  I love to take a day before Thanksgiving and cut down pine, and put it in a vase.  It smells so lovely, and of course pick lots of pine cones and put them in a basket.  I also love to insert cloves into oranges, and wrap cinnamon sticks with ribbon, and place them throughout the house.  Glade Schmade!  Of course, I love to bake cookies, and have the candles burning every night.  That is not so easy to do when you live so  far down south.  Oh, I cannot wait to see snow again.  Anyhow back to the dress.

Polka Dot Santa Dress

This is a pattern I bought from YCMT.  It is the the Sew Boutique 4 Dolly: A-Line Dresses & Tops.  Very easy to make, and it went together wonderfully.  I also liked how she taught you to measure the length of the skirt you want.  I seriously do not like these extremely long skirts and dresses on little girls.  I mean, it depends on the child, but I like the vintage style shorter length on babies.  So I keep things shorter on Olivia.  The pattern was easy to read, and it comes in sizes 6m-8yrs.  What more can I ask for.  Next I will make the twirl skort.