Daddy knocked.
“Come in Daddy,”
“Look at what the doctor gave me, …
a new baby. She was born just today. I got her at the doctor (pointing at his younger sister).”

My son has developed a great vocabulary, and talks all the time.  It is fun to just listen to what he says.  Lately, he comes up with all kinds of wild stories.  I think it is quite obvious that we have not discussed the stork.

On another note, we have been busy going through our closets, and trying everything on.  I was not sure whether my son had grown, and whether or not his clothes from last year still fit.  Needless to say, none of them fit, and I found out, that not only did I have pj’s still to sew for him, but a robe, and underwear, and lots of pants.  I actually love to sew for my boy.  The clothes you find in the retail store all look alike and they are so boring.  Ottobre offers some of the best pant patterns (a bit wide, but manageable).  I like them because of all the detailing that comes with the patterns.  The designs, the topstitching, and the pockets are all so unique.  Anyways, I started off making him some of the Ottobre underwear.  Everyone rants and raves at how fast you can put them together, so I had to try it.  The great thing is that you barely need any fabric for this pattern.

Ottobre 4/2004 – #38 – Size 98

The first set I made was exactly what the directions specified.  I included all the ribbing, and sewed the fabric wrong sides together.  However, I did not like the outcome.  The ribbing made everything too bulky, and the legs too.  I don’t want the underwear to show underneath his pants.  So the second pair I made included no ribbing, and I sewed the panels right sides together and then topstiched everything in place.  I also did the waistband on the first pair the Ottobre way, however I like the old fashion way much better.