I have been a bit agitated with my children for the last two days.  My son likes to be entertained from morning to night.  Even though, he just received a ton of gifts for his birthday, nothing seems to keep his attention longer then 5 minutes.  I have tried to sew for the last two days, and to avail.  I just cannot concentrate with his contstant whining in the background.  Please tell me that this too shall pass….!  So today, I put my foot down, and told him to go into his room for about an hour.  It worked, so I took the time today to clean my kitchen from top to bottom.  Yes, I would have rather spent my time at the sewing machine, but a friend reminded me of what I had not done this season.  The start of the Fall and Winter season cannot begin until the kitchen is ready to go, and the all the windows are clean (don’t ask, a family tradition).  For what????  For cooking of course.  Winter is all about food and all the wonderful new fruits and veggies that are in season.  Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Apples and Pears

Tonights dinner:  Rotkohl, Bockwurst and mashed potatoes.  Yum, the whole kitchen smelled like cloves and apples.   For dessert, some jello with sliced peaches.   I was so excited about decorating for Fall that I even used up the rotten bananas and made some banana nut bread.

The picture above comes from a treasured book I bought years ago from a woman, who I feel is incredibly talented in  home decoration.  She also cooks, designs fashion, has a beautiful garden, and her latest endeavor is a book of gift wrapping.   Carolyne Roehm is another Martha Stewart, but with a bit more class.  Her books are filled with great photography.  I wish I could sometimes frame some of her garden pictures.  She often writes articles for Veranda, and her seasonal handbooks are a wonderful source of inspiration.  I love to look at them over and over again.

On another note, I checked out the Flickr group Japanese Sewing and found this cute little jacket.  Her blog is called Icewerks.  This is exactly what I would like to make for Olivia but cannot find a pattern in a size 68 or 74.  The pattern belongs to a japanese craft book and you can see her pictures at http://flickr.com/groups/731888@N24/Last but not least, I have encountered my worse demon.  He dangled a carrot in front of me tonight that is driving me crazy.  It all started when I posted The Christmas dress on my Etsy site.  The pattern I used is Vintage, and like most vintage patterns, it comes in only one size – Size 1.  Of course, I have been asked by several Etsy shoppers if I could possibly make this dress in a size 2 and 3 and 4.  I would love to, but I lack a pattern, and until I find something very similiar, I dare not say yes.  So, while enjoying my few minutes of “down time” while my husband plays with the kids, I came upon this http://flickr.com/photos/75875335@N00/2905635939/in/pool-25317712@N00.  I was jumping up and down for joy that this pattern even existed.  I go immediately to  LottieLulu’s website and participate in a grand giveaway.  I just wanted to cry, because I never win anything, and although I really want this pattern, and will cherish it forever, I know that so many other readers would love to have it as well.  So you see the demon is knocking at my door, and telling to get that pattern right now!  Wish me luck.