Have I introduced Dusty.  He is my second West Highland Terrier.  My first one died a year ago at the age of 13 years due to kidney failure.  This one is my troublemaker.  He is not pretty, and we should have named him Dirty, because he is always rolling in something.  He never stays clean very long.  He is however, a kisser, and loves to wag his tail.  He won’t hesitate to make you like him, and he won’t give up.  He will kiss you, until you finally pet him, or kiss him back.  He has a great personality. 

Well Dusty was diagnosed recently with Diabetes, and we have been giving him insulin twice a day for about a half year now.  He has lost almost all of his eyesight, and yet he continues to greet everyone who walks through the front door.    He is amazing, and I assumed he would live until he was 16.  Olivia and Dusty are the best of friends.  She just loves him so much. 

Today I had to call the vet, because he is not feeling so well.  He was diagnosed with Mange on his paw.   I am afraid that the dose of medication is taking a toll on him.  He can barely walk, and he has fallen over a few times.  I have a funny feeling, that my little lover has no more fight in him.  I will have to wait until  she calls me back and we can talk.