I wake up with a smile in the morning.  I love to open the back door and smell the fresh air on a cool autumn day.  Yum.  Just enjoying my hot tea and the singing of the birds.  No kids, pets or husband to disrupt or hurry me.  Then I hear the patter of small feet running down the hallway coming to find me.  A big hug from my son, while the world stands still.  His lips are still too tired to talk, and we just stand there together.  A moment I treasure.

Then the morning stress begins.  Feeding the kids, dressing the kids, and trying to find a moment to dress myself and apply my lipstick at the same time.  I swore that I would put an end to the morning stress.  That we will once again sit down and enjoy breakfast as a family.  Put on the same pair of socks, and remember to brush our teeth.  I woke up at 5:45am, and instead of falling into a light sleep again for 15 minutes, I decided to wake up and shower.   We ate breakfast together, got dressed together, got Daddy out the door, and finished just in time to leisurely drive to school.

Aah, what a feeling when you think you have some control over life…………….of course life could not be so kind, and when I turned on my expensive vehicle, a warning light appeared telling me that I had a flat tire.!!!!!!  Yup, the right front tire was flat.  I sat there and laughed until I cried.  Nobody can have this much bad luck!  This is the fourth flat tire in three years, and these tires are 6 months old.  PAX tires.  Needless to say, Nicolas did not go to school today.  There is always tomorrow.