It’s been a week, and all I have done is sew for clients.  That is the part that really is getting somewhat hard to bare.  A job is a job, no matter what you do.  I just always remind myself that the purring of the machine is the best music I have ever heard, and I would rather listen to that then a computer or filing cabinet.  Of course it is also great to see “the creation” and how beautiful it is, no matter who you sew for.   I was just hoping to finally get to a few things in the new Ottobre issue.  I cut out the patterns, got my fabric together and then before I can turn around another client order.  So my pile of fabrics and patterns will just have to wait!

I have one more outfit to sew by Wednesday, and then I am closing the shop for awhile.  My mom is coming next week, and staying for a short while.  I don’t want to spend my free time sewing while she is here.  Hurricane Ike will be here too, so that should keep us very busy.  Then I have to plan my ds birthday, which is the following week.  Whew!  Being mom is a tough job!