As Fall approaches, my mind drifts to some new clothes for Olivia.  I like the idea of layering, and jumpers for her wardrobe, but I also need a good pant pattern.  Ottobre has little to offer on “skinny” pants, and I have not had much luck looking for other patterns.  I do like the way most european companies size the kids, so my first pant comes from the Ottobre Spring 2004 pattern.

Olivia measures exactly 74 centimeters, and since she is very skinny and small for her age, I decide to stick to this size.  I trace the pattern, and notice right away the arch pattern for the ruffle.  I love it.  No need to attach a ruffler to my machine.  No need to measure the fabric.  Yippee.  Then I notice how big the pants look.  Not long, but wide.  Too wide.  Yup, the pant is going to be to wide.  I decide to skip the seam allowances on both the right and left sides of the pant.  I do add a seam allowance to the bottom hem and the waistband.

Pockets:  I love the fact that I don’t have to add a lining, however I do find that it helps make the pocket look better.  The shape usually ends up alot nicer when it is lined.  I got both pockets to work out pretty good with my pocket template.    It is a Clover tool that has various different shapes of pockets on each corner.  it is made out of metal, and when you push it inside of your pocket, it will help to form a shape.  I usually press the pocket with the template still inside.  It is a handy dandy tool!

The ruffles were easy, as I mentioned above.  I rolled the hem on this fine piece of corduroy with a hem roller.  I tested the length, and again the pants were too short and much too wide.  The length will be easy to fix, since I could either add a second ruffle or add a seperate waistband.  The width of the pant leg is another story.  I guess I can take in the outer seam allowance, however I don’t want to change the look of the pant.  Btw, the pant fabric is a fine wale children’s corduroy in a cream color matching the dress.

I ended up added a waistband, because the leg length was perfect once the ruffle was attached.  Hopefully I will have some modelled pictures tomorrow.

The dress is a New Look pattern that I will most likely discuss tomorrow.