Have you ever read that book “Aachoo, Lion’s got the flu!”.  It is a great childrens book, and it all about Lion getting the flu, and how his friends want to help him feel better.  Guess what mommy is reading tonight?

Soooooooooo, now I know why everyone has been so cranky.  My husband sounded terrible yesterday, obviously coming down with something.  Olivia was so incredibly whiny yesterday, and never slept longer then an hour.  At midnight when I went in to see what was going on, she could not breathe at all.  Here we go again.  She was also drooling, and had her finger in her mouth, and I know she is teething.  Someone told me today that children seem to be more prone to getting sick while they are teething.  Now that I think about it, she does always get sick when she is teething.  Could of course be a pure coincidence.

I am moving up in the world.  I have voicemail now.  Whooopee!  Cannot remember the last time I had an answering machine.

A new friend that I have met through my son’s daycare has her own website called Sarah Hendersons Photography.  She has enticed me with her beautiful artwork to look into my own website.  So pretty soon I will be opening Kinder-Kouture.  It just seemed so exciting to have my own domain name.  I should also have a small surprise that I have been working on.  Hopefully I can get it done today.  I just love the fabric, but it is a surprise.  Also paying alot of attention to this guy Gustav.