I live in my car.  Going back and forth to VPK, then Elementary school for speech and language classes, running errands, and then up to the grocery store for dinner.  Thank goodness it is a nice car, but all the same I would prefer it not to be that way.  I have had no time for myself at all lately.  Once I put the baby down for a nap, Nicolas starts to beg for my attention.  I think that is why I have been so exhausted.  I am used to having at least an hour to sew or relax and read.  I love my children, but the constant noise, and waddling behind me like ducks just gets to me after awhile.  So tonight, after looking at the destruction of my house and car, I decided it was “Quiet Time”.  I put the baby in the crib, and him in his room and I set the timer for 20minutes, and I cleaned the kitchen with classical music in the background, doing yoga breathing exercises.  That made me feel better, especially when I heard my husband come through the door.  He is a lifesaver sometimes, taking the kids and putting them to bed after a hard day at work, and a 110 mile commute.  I don’t know what I would do without him.  I just ask myself how mom did it, and always kept the house so clean.  Seriously, I cleaned the bathroom today, and when I thought I was finished, I turned around and saw what the two of them did to my closet.  No joke, it will take me an hour to repair that damage!!!!!!!!!  Every purse, pant, short and shoe was out of place!

On another note, I got another two orders today in my ETSY shop.  Although that makes only 13 orders since I started this two months ago, I feel so incredibly fortunate.  I could really use the money, and I have always wanted to do something like this.  I would love to sell more, and I am trying to market myself here in town, but it sounds alot easier then it is.  My personality does not like to hand out business cards, and say I am a seamstress.  I would prefer someone else doing that.  Anyhow, I was just thinking the other day, that I don’t think my business will amount to much, and here comes another two orders.  I feel very fortunate and very happy.  It was just what I needed.