Yes the sun is back, and it is shining.  Hurricane Faye has moved away from the area, and allowed the sun to shine on us once more.  We had almost no rain, no winds and thank goodness no damage to our area.  The eye passed right over us, and so the weather remained calm.  As a matter of fact, Faye brought us some cool air, and I spent most of the weekend outside.  It felt like I was back in Germany during a cool fall day! Aaah!

I took Nicolas to school this morning.  Yes he is going to Preschool, and it is a good thing (I have to keep reminding myself of that.)!  He gets to socialize with his friends, make new ones and hopefully learn something.  The program is voluntary and completely funded by the state.  I have also met a few women while waiting to sign the kids in.  This is definitely good, because meeting people is just not the easiest thing.  Especially when you move all the time, and there is no place to go and have fun with the kids.  Today we were invited to go to our local inside eatery/playground to let the kids have fun.  It was fun.  We talked and laughed, and by the time it was over the kids were exhausted.  Olivia fell asleep in her car seat on the way home.

As if the day was not a success, while relaxing at night, I started reading Franks blog, and his latest news included being cancer-free. Yippee!  I am so unbelievably happy for him.  After losing Steven this year to cancer, I have once again been reminded of how harmful and hurtful this disease can be.  Especially because it tends to take those people that help influence this world in such a positive way.  It is not fair, or kind.  Cancer is just ugly.  I am so glad Frank did beat it, and I was really happy to hear from him last night.  He sounds happy and victorious. 

All this positive energy got me to finsh my next project, however I will not post any pictures until it is completely finished.   I cannot wait to get this one on Olivia.  It just looks better modelled then on a mannequin.