I remember visiting my favorite store in Germany with my mom when I was expecting my first child.  It was called “Royal Baby”.  Yes, just as the name implies it was filled with items for royalty.  Yes, the prices reflected it.  One section of the store was white with navy blue, and the other half, pink and white.  This is a picture we took of the white and blue section.This is what I modeled my son’s room after.  I just loved the clean look.  The picture does not capture the real elegance of the room with the navy blue cross pram, and all the navy blue boy accessories that were hanging on a coat rack.  It was truly breathtaking.  My other favorite store was Jacadi.  I believe it is french.  They have the most gorgeous children’s clothes and nursery items.  Then my third favorite was Burberry.  I love the burberry children’s clothing.  I love the plaids and the colors, and when you walk into a store you want to buy everything.  I love the little girls things.  Mom used to fly to London, and picked up a few pieces here and there for the kids.  The funny thing is that whenever he wore his Burberry outfit, it was always the teenager girls that quickly turned around and noticed what he was wearing.  That really says something about our society.

Anyways, Jacadi had the most gorgeous sleeping sacks, and the first thing I started to make was a sleeping sack for my son.   I don’t have a picture of him in it, but I do have one of my daughter in her room.  The pattern came from a very old Burda magazine that my mom had.  I altered and played with it, until I got it too look like what I wanted.  I found the rabbit embroidery online.  It was a free pattern, and I put it on his blankets, towels, burp pads and pillows. 

Suddenly I had an idea to sell these things on Etsy.  I have so many ideas and as usual not enough time.  It took me a few days before I had this one done.  I was out of practice.  I wish now I had put a monogram on this sack.  I think it would have looked better.  Oh well, maybe next time.

   These are the embroidery designs I chose for this particuliar outfit, however anyone can choose whatever they want.  It makes a great nursery item, or gift.  It is listed on my Etsy site Kinder Kouture.