This is the last week I have to enjoy my son before he starts voluntary PreK in Florida.  Little did I know at the time, that he will have to attend 354 hours of school.  In other words, he will only be able to miss 3 days a month, and 10 days total before Kids Discovery will terminate his membership in the school.  I guess because the provider is graded on how well they do with the children.

So today, we went to the bookstore.  I found this book.  It is from Amy Butler, and has the cutest things in it.   I especially loved the girls outfit in the second picture.

There were alot of baby things in the book, and her taste is very elegant.  I did not have much use for alot of the things anymore, however I wish  I had had this book two years ago.  So while the kids were playing on their train table, I was thoroughly enjoying another beautiful craft book.  Has anyone else noticed how many beautiful knitting, sewing, embroidery, and craft books have hit the shelves lately.  I for one, am happy that most of the books are so beautiful to look at.  I will have to go again next week and dive into another gorgeous book.

After our book store adventure, we hit SAM’S Club, and spent alot of $$$$$.  I absolutely love their produce.  I always buy a ton for the weekend.  Then I buy a ton of tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, spinach leaves and a baguette to make our italian meal yummy.I have lots of basil growing in the yard, so it is perfect for a nice meal.  Can you tell I grew up eating real italian food all the time.  Of course, the part I love the most is when we have a French picnic in the car.  Since the drive is almost 30 minutes, I buy apple juice, cheese and fruit.  Combine it with the baguette, and viola “Lunch!”.  Somewhere over the bridge Olivia usually falls asleep.  Everyone is happy.

To finish my day, I spent two hours cleaning out the garage and vacuuming and cleaning my car.  Lance put up pegboard on one side of the garage, however he just could not get half of the things to hang up.  Well, even though I do think he is responsible for the garage, and he should be doing all the work that is involved with it, I knew this was something I had to get done.  So I did.  Maybe I burned a few calories in that heat.  Next I cleaned up our car, and got to work on my next order.  It has been a great day.