My nephew Max turned 4 today.  So now both of our boys are Boys!  No longer can we call them our little babies.  Both of them start PreK this year.  Nicolas stayed behind one year because of his birthday in late September.  At first I was a bit upset at this ridiculous rule, however I have grown quite fond of the fact that my son will be bigger(he is quite small), more mature and older then alot of his classmates.  Well, I do hope the maturity will come at one point or another – just not yet.  He has never really showed any interest in wanting to learn until this year.  All of sudden he wanted to know what those letters on the side of a Police car meant.  His interest had peaked, and we took full advantage of this one question, and taught him in several weeks to learn his alphabet.  Funny how you try so hard to teach them through games, and can’t come up with any ideas, and then all of a sudden it just hits you.  What were those letters on the side of the Pizza Hut car.  Taxi? Ambulance?  Of course, I have to admit that I think TV helped alot.

I know what the professionals say, and I usually agree, but not anymore.  I think the Kids TV Channels like Noggin, and Sprout and of course our local PBS programs have such wonderful eduacational programs.  I can never remember watching anything like SuperWhy, or Word.  We watched Sesame Street, Bugs Bunny, and the Flintstones.  Nicolas has always had a speech problem and has been going to an elementary school twice a week for about a year to have private lessons with Mrs. Hartfelder.  She is very nice, and Nicolas enjoys being with her.  His speech has gotten so much better, but also his vocabulary.  I owe the speech to his teacher, and the vocab to these TV Shows.

So enough rambling.  Just wanted to show a picture of Max in his new PJ’s.