Whats going on?……..

Well, alot right now.  I’ve been busy taking care of my baby, who had tubes put into her ears this week.  Thank goodness for our great hospital and its’ staff that always welcomes us with smiles.  I really like West Florida Hospital.  When you park your car there, you have to walk quite a distance, but inbetween the parking lot and the hospital is a beautiful pond.  They put a pond with ducks, fish and turtles right there to entertain the patients, the kids and the staff.  It is a perfect place to sit and relax.  My kids love it, and so do I.  It gives me two minutes of interruption from the constant whining I hear in the car about visiting the doctors office.  On this particuliar morning, the ducks were not hiding from the sun (5:30am), but laying all over the grass.  Olivia put out her hand, and the ducks came waddling behind us.  She was so happy watching them, and trying to pet them, that it made me forget what we were about to embark on.  Everything went well, and it was all over in less then three hours.  One of the  reasons we were doing this, was because she was not yet speaking.  I have not heard the words “Mama” or “Dada” since she was born, and she was way overdue.  The nurses told me that she will hear much better within hours after the operation, and I was praying that it will make a significant difference in her speech.  Well, later on that evening, I was explaining the same story to DH about the ducks, and used the words “Quack Quack Quack”.  She came up behind me and muttered the words “bak, bak, bak”.  YIPPEE! 

Since the operation, she has been babbling alot.  It has taken 3 days of fussiness, nautiousness, and being tired to finally come out of her gas induced coma, but all is well again.  I enjoyed the time spent with her.   

Other then that, I have been receiving alot of Euro fabrics from Sara.  They are so beautiful, and I cannot wait to get going on some beautiful projects with them.  Of course, I do think that most of them will have to wait until next year, because noone wants to buy summer clothes anymore.  Although the heat is still on, the colors everywhere reflect fall.  Here are some pictures of the goodies I got.


Lovely goodies that remind me of what good quality fabric is all about.  To continue on the topic of fabric, I took the kids to Hobby Lobby today.  Thank goodness they have alot of other things besides fabric, so I can entertain everyone.  My son loves their train sections, and my daughter loves the bead sections.  Of course both them, love the Christmas decorations.  Yes, the Xmas section is already up.  Pretty pathetic if you ask me.  How do you explain to a four year old that Christmas is still 5 months away.  “Don’t bother” would be the correct answer.  They had a great sale on Seersuckers, so I grabbed a few for some baby JonJons for boys.  I assume the pink seersucker will make some cute pants for Olivia among other things.

Oh, I also found some long sought after curtain material for my brite pink baby room.  I mean how do find something to match this?Well I did at Trendyfabrics.  It is a white pique with large pink and dark pink polka dots. The picture is dark, but it really does work.  I am sure the fabric will look stunning.

Last but not least, I spoiled myself again with two new japanese books.  The first one is another favorite.  The second one is just as charming.  I am addicted to these books.  I find the patterns to be simplistic and elegant.  I love the pictures as much as I love the fabrics.  I guess the entire book – photographs, fabric, girls, and patterns – are just perfect.  At least I feel that way now.  My only problem is that Olivia does not fit into any of the patterns yet.  That has not stopped me from making the patterns, however I would enjoy them more if I could sew for my child and not someone else’s.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I was nominated by Lori for a  award.  I am honored that she enjoys my blog and my blog and pictures.  I know I certainly enjoy reading hers.  Thank you Lori.

If only I could keep my eye’s open past 10:00pm, and sew to my hearts content throughout the night.  Aah, the peace and quiet of just listening to my sewing machine and the frogs.