I love to find new artists on the http://www.  This one was brought to my attention through the japanese sewing books, that I absolutely love.  However, most of the patterns are still not large enough for my Olivia.  I guess I should start sewing them now, and then I will be prepared for the future.

Here is a tutuorial for a shirred top  at a Blog called belle epoque.  It looks just like the one in my japanese books.  Here is a link to the dress version.  What a cute picture.  Of course, I am sure she would look good in anything.  I found some tops from the japanese books at this really cute blog called Plum Stitches.  I had a really good time reading alot of her posts.  She is very creative and likes to knit and sew.

Plum Stitches lead me to Crafting Japanese.  Wow, pictures of everything you can imagine that is japanese.  I just love it.  This will be my nighttime reading.  Lots of beautiful projects. 

Then I found Little Munchkins.  Another beautiful blog with beautiful garments she sewed for her daughter.

Last but not least, a few pictures of Olivia modeling the Oliver + S pattern.  BTW, I had a few comments that agreed with me that the pattern was quite a hassle to complete.  Absolutely not for a beginner.  My sister does not like the skirt.  She would prefer a pair of white shorts or pants.  I guess I could offer both.  The skirt would look good in this fabric.  I might try this next.    I thought she looked adorable, and I love the top.