I kept Mr. N. out of daycare today, so that we could have a good time.  I had to run to town to pick up a few more things for the machine, and get some tips on “How to Smock” (my next secret endeavor).  Ms. O. fell asleep in the car, so that cut our day a bit short.  No use carrying her around everywhere.  When we arrived home, I had two surprises in my mailbox.

My Fall Ottobre arrived, and again I was disappointed.  Not because only outfit would fit my child, but because they had nothing in a size 86.  Then the pants they had for the babies were huge. Ugly. As were the coats in this issue.  Not necessarily the patterns, but the material they used.  Snowsuits again? in Fall? I almost get the impression like they are out of ideas.  I thought they had a great deal of clothing for the boys (big sizes only).  So I have something to look forward to.

Then I also got my japanese book, with which I was simply delighted.  I could not wait to get to it again tonight once the children were asleep.  The patterns are just so simple and gorgeous.  I really enjoy these books.   I wish I had more time to sew some of things.  I have only managed to sew two things.  Still, I will continue to collect these beautiful books.

My bathing beauties after a day of playing together,,,,,,,,,,,