I have been going back and forth on what to do with my machine.  It is on its way to Janome, and they will definitely exchange the shaft and bushing, and make it like a new machine again.  I have decided to sell it, and buy myself a seperate machine and embroidery machine.  I don’t like to wait until the embroidery is done, before I can continue to sew.  And I don’t like to set the whole machine up everytime.  I want to be able to turn my chair, and program the machine, and viola…….it appears.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

I have done alot of research while Olivia sleeps, and asked alot of questions.  One thing is for sure, the dealer is important.  Even though in our case, because we move so often, the dealer is not as important as with other people.  However, I want a machine that fulfills my garment sewing needs.  Conclusion: A Bernina, Pfaff or Janome 6600.  These seem to be the favorites among alot of people.  I tried the Bernina this weekend.  I tried the Aurora 440, and yes I did like it.  I liked all the accessories.  Bernina has really thought about everything you need for heirloom sewing.  Of course, Mary saw to it that I got a first hand view of all the heirloom techniques, stitches, etc… that you can do with this machine.  Loved the buttonholes.  Next week, I will try out the Janome 6600, even though I am pretty sure that I will not deal with this company again.

Oh, and yesterday I tried to work on Coverpro again.  I spent about 3 hours trying to work with the binder attachment, and it still did not work good enough for me.  So last night, I decided I was going to sell it.  I have all the accessories, but I just don’t use it.  There are so many people that want this machine, so I hope it finds a good home.  I have barely put three hours of sewing on it.   My ebay link for the Coverpro is hereToo Late – SOLD!