Every once in awhile you bump into something that sets everything astray.  This week has been just one of those weeks.  Olivia woke up Monday morning with another cold.  She could barely breathe.  Whenever she gets sick, she does not leave my side, and I end up carrying her around for days….and nights.  Then I decided to take an offer by my cable company, and save over $100 a month.  That sounds great right.  However, after seeing the tech guys for four days in a row, giving up every morning to watch them work, and not being able to get on my computer, I wish I had never decided to switch.  Why can’t these cable companies just choose to treat their loyal customers better then the new ones.  Seriously, the longer you are with a company, the more rewards you should get.

Then the last straw came when I got an email from the people of Oliver & S.  Obviously, my garments did not show their label, and I had two garments for sale, and only one label was bought.  I have to say that I did not appreciate the “garment police” coming after me like that.  I would have never mailed out a garment without a label, and I honestly don’t remember reading that I had to post a picture of the label.  My intentions were good from the start.  I thought about dropping their line, and lots of other things.  I was mad and hurt by their accusations, however I really do like their garments, and I would like to continue sewing their patterns.  It just fits to my taste.  I don’t need the name of KinderKouture to be associated with bad press before I even get started.  I also read their last blog, and I really want to be a part of it.    I will just have to increase my costs before I sell the items.

So even though I am frustrated, tired and a bit sick of this rainy weather, I did get another order (actually two).  I have a ton of fabric coming my way to sew, and I am excited about getting ready for winter.  So nanananabooboo!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I got my labels (they took over 8 weeks) and they say “Kinder Couture”, so I will have to order new ones.  I also turned the wrong stovetop on today to boil eggs.  Lets just say my pot does not have a bottom anymore (and this is a WMF pot).  And because the burners get so nasty my husband lines them in Aluminuim Foil.  Well, the Aluminuim Foil melted into a flowing river, and stuck to the top of the stove top.  I still cannot remove it.  I don’t want to think of anything else that could go wrong this week or this day.