I hate having to make things for my niece, because my sister is so utterly picky.  The first thing she does is complain about the fit.  I either make things too small or too big.  I immediately panic when it is time to make something for my niece.  I second guess myself constantly.  However, last year I was able to make her some Ottobre tops that she absolutely loved, and wore all the time.  I know because the garments were handed down to my daughter, and they looked worse then “worn”. 

So I spent hours deciding on fabric, and then hours on which pattern.  I actually had a very nice McCalls pattern that I wanted to use, but I just knew I could rely on Ottobre sizes.  At least I thought that to be true.  I don’t know, maybe because a size 86 and 92 seem so foreign to me that I think this outfit looks once again too large.  I think she can wear the top, and even if it is too wide, it still can be worn and look cute.  The pants however, are just not my thing.  I don’t like all those frills.  That is why on Olivia’s pattern, I just cuffed the pants with matching fabric to the top.  I liked the picture that was in the magazine, so I thought I should give it a try.  Here it is…..

The pattern went together very easily.  I love the fact that Ottobre supplies us with a pattern for the ruffle.  I also love the strap above.  However next time I may just add buttons to the front.  That way she can grow with the top.  I cannot wait to see what my sister will say.  Off to do another pattern.  I am trying to do something with my japanese patterns.  HAPPY FATHERS DAY!