Last night I just wanted to cry!  I have been trying to set up an Ebay store, and when I looked up Kinder Couture, I found out that the name was now trademarked.  I felt my heart sinking as the night wore on, and I knew by the time I went to bed at 9:30pm, I was in trouble.  All that work that I did, ordering the labels, the banner, the Etsy store, yadayadayada… all had to go.  What now?

This morning after talking to the Etsy people, getting a new email address from AT&T, and checking every legal source I could find, we finally came up with a good alternative.  Kinder Kouture.  Yes I can do it.  No there is no other company listed under that name.  I think I am safe.  Another day away from the sewing machine.  I am exhausted, mentally that is.