Working on different patterns.  This is a cute McCalls pattern that was not so easy to put together, however it looks very good from the inside out.  The bodice consists of a lining and your fashion fabric.  The straps are sandwiched between both layers.  I find the straps to be too long.  Someone suggested putting elastic in the straps to shorten them, and i think that is a great idea.  However, you cannot shorten the straps too much or else you will not be able to get the top over the child’s head.  I think the back needs to open more or perhaps a zipper needs to be inserted into the side seam.  The top was also a bit short, although I do usually face that problem with Olivia.  She is small, and long, which means I need to use two sizes – one for the width and one for the length.  In this case, I think I would just add a third ruffle, which would also allow me to make a dress out of this pattern.   I am drafting a pair of pants to go with this top.  I wanted a pair of pants that were fuller, airy and perhaps with small pockets or straps along the bottom hem.  I should have them finished tonight.