Astrid has inspired me to take my camera outside, and to photograph my most favorite time of the year.  Although my garden is currently small, I am still proud of what I have.  When we moved here, there was nothing.  The front had a small garden, but truthfully it looked very disorganized and confused.  My thought was that the earlier owners just randomly disposed of their interior plants outside.  Thus my immense amount of Lilies.  They are truly gorgeous, and the smell is oh so nice.

The backyard had no flowerbed whatsoever.  One lonely oaktree stood in the middle of the yard.  We made a path to that tree, and lined the stones with boxwoods, which now have a pretty shape and size.  We also planted trees, shrubs and flowers along the fence to create a hopefully beautiful view from the house one day.  I am sure we will never see it, because we move so often, however I hope someone else will enjoy it.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy my Lemon tree, peach tree and pear tree, as well as my gardenias, hydrangeas, and various other beautiful flowers.  Now if I could just put my sewing room outside!!!