I am busy.  Working very hard to think of an Etsy shop name, making clothes, buying a line of fabric that I hope will inspire my next line of dresses.  As a matter of fact, yesterday I crashed.  I put Olivia to sleep, and two minutes later I was sleeping too.  I slept for 2 hours, as if I had not slept at all through the night.   I barely got anything done yesterday.  I guess it was time for me to take a rest.

So, Michele and mom came up with some new names, and I have decided on one.  Kinder Couture.  I think it fits.  We are german, and the baby heirloom garments that I sell are alot like couture items.  There is alot of hand sewing, special stitches, etc.  I am excited.  I set up an Etsy shop and now I have to find a nice banner, and set up shop.

I ordered an entire line of fabrics from Michael Miller at a new coop.  Another group of girls that order fabric at wholesale.  (However, found out that there is another group that is ordering the same fabric $1.60 cheaper per yard!!!)  I may have to get ugly and think about my bottom line.  Delivery date June 29th.  These fabrics are gorgeous, and I will be able to sell dresses for summer and autumn.   Salessheet

















Her website is gorgeous, and the music she plays is great.  Full of beautiful pictures and ideas.  This should be alot of fun.

Next, I finished two more items.  I will post pictures when the weather gets nice again.  Rain is in the forecast, so the  pictures are just not as vibrant.  Now, I must get working on more of my baby items.