Sometimes it just takes me forever to come up with a good idea, and then sometimes I get too many at once.  One of my closest friends had a baby in March.  Shortly after that she lost her brother in a gun accident.  She was devastitated and all alone.  I thought about her almost daily.  I knew I had to get her something special, not believing that I could make something good enough.  I could not find a thing.  Nothing that spoke to me and said “Ahhh, that is beautiful!”  My sister has so many children’s boutiques where she lives, and all of them have beautiful handmade garments.  I have no such store.

So, I was sifting through my patterns, and realized that I had not tried this one.  I hate it when I buy something, and then the children outgrow it.  I located fabric, and after much surfing on the internet a perfect little embroidery, and off I went.  This heirloom sunsuit turned out to be so perfect, that I knew right there and then, who I was sewing for.  It turned out great, and I think Wendy will love it.