She started it.  She drafted a pattern on with a round neck, and then took off on vacation.  After seeing all these cute dresses and tops, all I wanted was that pattern.  What could I do?  Draft my own?  I tried, but not 100% satisfied.  So off to JA I went, and viola…..what do I find?  Yes a pattern, and in her size.  I am excited.  I work at it, redraft the dress, and to my surprise it is a success.

The reason I liked this pattern was because of the material.  It is a japanese 100% cotton double gauze.  It is such a pleasure to work with this fabric.  Very soft and drapey.  Perfect for this pattern, and I wanted to combine it with the pink and white polka dot fabric.

After watching this garment just sit in my room, because I was too ill to finish the hem and buttons, someone else posted another round neck dress.  This time the pattern came from Ottobre.  Summer 2006 #36.  The sizing was way too large for my dd, but I knew this would make alot of people happy.  I am going to make alot more of these dresses and tops.  They are fun, and can be combined with a T-Shirt or blouse.