These last two weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind.  DH left to go to Dallas for a business meeting, and I had a million plans for that time.  Really, it is soooooooo nice having the house for yourself.  I enjoyed three wonderful days with the kids, and then I woke up one morning and I felt like someone had walked all over my face.  It was my fault.  My sinuses are always bad at this time, but I hate taking the medicine.  It makes me tired and groggy and very dehydrated.  Yes, I had a sinus infection and a doctor that hates to write me a prescription of antibiotics unless he really has to.  So, he put me on three different types of sinus medications, and then we waited.  Things just got worse, and on a Saturday I rushed to the emergency clinic to finally get what I needed.  My doctor apologized, and gave me an antibiotic.  So after $85 in drugs, and a week and a half of pain, I felt even worse.  This time I called, and demanded something stronger and better, and this time it worked.  I spent the entire two weeks tired, cranky, dizzy, nautious and blah!!!  I hit the bed almost every night at about 9:00pm, and rarely ever got to sew.  BooHoo.  My poor kids.  They were so happy to see their dad again.  I am so proud of the two of them.  They stuck by me, and drove back and forth to the doctor’s and pharmacy without complaints.  My ds would wake me if I fell asleep in the middle of the day.  I’m a proud Mommy.

Oh, and for the icing on the cake…..two days before my husband decided to come home…..when the wash was piled up to the ceiling….my dryer decided to quit on me.  After talking to three different companies, I finally got someone to stop by the house, but only to tell me that it was not worth the repair.  Two days later, we were delivered a new GE dryer ($600), and after the third load, it started making really really really loud noises………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did I break a mirror this year?