Once again, I turned to this  pattern to finish an outfit.  I really think this pant from Ottobre is special.  The ruffle and ribbon detail dress it up, giving it that little bit of pizzazz that is sometimes necessary for a little girls pant. 

Anyhow, I inherited a knitted sweater made by my mom for my niece Sophia.  It is so cute and so special but all I had matching to it was a pair of white knitted pants (store bought).  So I found this corduroy somewhere (it has been too long to remember where I got it), and decided to make a pair of pants with it.  I think a dress would be cute, but not under the sweater.  Well, maybe I am wrong, but I have to find a nice pattern first.

I made these pants last year for my niece, and I remember they were too short on her.  For some reason alot of people complained about the same thing, so I immediately added two inches to the length of the back/front crotch.  Perfect.  So easy to put together because I just added the ruffle to the bottom instead of lining the entire pant.