I guess I should introduce this new blog.  I had given up on the wordpress blog site, because I did not like a few options.  No need to go into detail.  Too boring.  Anyhoo, back again, and am ready to start blogging.  This time I have split my blogs – one for sewing,decorating, crafts, and one for family.  That should be fun.

Found a gorgeous blog today.  It lead me to a new blog website called blog.com.  Really liked it alot, however you have to pay for it.  Find that unnecessary, with everything that is offered nowadays.  The blog I looked at was called The Happy Zombie.  Her pictures are here…..Flickr.  She had the most gorgeous sewing studio that I have ever seen.  It was bright, white, and clean.  So well organized, and full of fun crafting trinkets.  I really enjoyed reading a few pages.  I never get any further than that with my two children.  The studio was so nice, that it appeared on the hgtv website. 

I am working on curtains for my sister.  Boring!  They are lined.  Very boring!  Oh well, also found a few minutes to trace an Ottobre shirt pattern which I hacked and made into a dress.  I have the cutest valentine knit that I want to use for a long shirt/dress combo.

Rearranged my sewing room one more time (yes I know).  I just switched a few things around when I watch the kids.  I like it much better now.  It gave me alot more room for junk.  I will have to take pictures and post them when I have time.  My camera is a bit off at the moment.  The side of the camera, where I plug in my adapter to load the pictures fell off.  It dropped inside the camera, and whenever it hits something metallic, it sets off the flash, and makes a very loud noise.  January has just been an awful month.  I don’t even want to explain everything that has happened.  Too depressing. 

Planned on sewing, and did not get a thing done.  Shame on me.  Hopefully this weekend, I will be able to finish a few things.