I keep going back and forth on whether or not to stay with Blogger or switch to WordPress. Fickle, no not me. Just want the best, easiest and prettiest. Nothing wrong with that.
Speaking of fickle, I have changed my sewing room once again. Believe me, I really enjoyed my old sewing room. I got it to look just right. Most importantly, I got it to feel right. The room functioned perfectly, but it was just too hot. All the machines, plus the iron and my computer just raised the temperatures in that room too high during the summer months. I finally decided after needing a guest room, that I had to move my sewing room/office space to the only other free space in the house. Across from the dining room, seperated by the front door, was another room. It is accessible from the living room and the front door and the hallway to the bedrooms. It is visible throughout the whole house, and that is why I had to figure out a way to make it look special.
The first thing I did was make curtains. This enabled me to close off the room whenever it was impossible to clean up my mess. Secondly, I had to get rid of the pink, and choose a color that would match to the rest of the house. Then I had to find a way to incorporate the white furniture with my antiques. I finally found a beautiful picture in a BHG magazine that inspired me to make some major changes to my furniture. I asked Lance to make me new tops for my cabinets. We bought solid oak wood, added moulding, and stained everything to match the armoire and table. They looked great, and Lance did a great job. Here are the pictures: