Just the way I like it….New Years Day, the kids are sleeping, and the Vienna Philharmonica Orchestra is playing Strauss. Now all I need is a Berliner or Krapfen and I would feel like I am home. One of these days, I will learn to make them. That will be fun. Oh goodness, no more sweets. My waistline is about to burst. I did my first set of 50 sit-ups tonight after the kids went to bed. I have to get my belly back in shape.

I hope 2008 brings lots of changes, happiness and good health to everyone! I for one am looking forward to a new year. We have lots of things planned for this year………like going to Europe this Spring, buying a new car in the Fall, and putting Nicolas in PreSchool. Of course, I have lots of projects planned:
– Cleaning out the Garage (getting rid of lots of things no longer needed).
– Selling things on Ebay
– Making bedroom curtains for my sister.
– Redoing my Dining Room Chairs.
– Sewing a complete wardrobe for Olivia and Nicolas.
– Sewing for myself again.
– Cutting down on my stash.
I think it will be fun to experience Olivia’s first year. She will be walking soon, and eating by herself. I am looking forward to seeing Nicolas and her play together and take baths. At the moment, Nicolas still has a size and speed advantage over her, but that will change once she can walk. It makes me smile to just think about those two together.

So back to my sewing. I wandered away from Ottobre for alittle while, and bought a new pattern from New Conceptions. It is a baby crossover T-Shirt. I was not too impressed with the one from Ottobre, however I may try it again with a different material. I made the first T-Shirt in a size 6-9 months, and it is huge. Now I am making another shirt in a size 0-3mos, and it looks like it is going to fit. It is very easy to put together. The binding was really easy. It took me about an hour, so if I do have a good fit, then I am sure I will be making alot of these shirts in the future. I would really like to make a dress as pictured below. I just love this owl knit too. No,no,no…first I am going to get rid of the stash I have.

So here is the shirt. I made it out of a thermal knit fabric I purchased several months ago. I thought it would look different, much lighter. Since it is not my ideal fabric choice, I decided to test the pattern with it, and then turn it into pj’s for Olivia. Good timing, since the temperatures are at 38degrees right now (9:17pm). They are going to dip into the 20’s tonight. Hard to believe in Florida the temperatures reaching such low levels. I cannot test the fit, since the little one is sleeping, but it comes close to the fit of several of her shirts. Yippee! I hope it fits. I like the opening much better then that of Ottobre. It sits lower. I also like the binding and how flat it lies. That is not the case with Ottobre pattern.

The new Ottobre is due to arrive in about 10 days. Yippee! I cannot wait to start sewing Spring things. Speaking of which, I have to make a birthday todo list for Olivia: 24 days and counting.
– Pajamas
– Birthday Dress
– Orange Velour Pants and Euro Knit T-Shirt
– Corduroy Jumper Ottobre
– Pink Quilted Coat

On another note, Daddy has been working with Nicolas on spelling his Name. Tonight he said NICLAS. We were very proud of him. At least he is trying.