I cannot seem to get my sewing machine in second gear, let alone first. However, I did manage to finish this bodysuit from Ottobre. Olivia has so many clothes. My sister sends me clothes every three months, and she has not even worn some of them. I am always happy when she tells me that her daughter has no clothes that fit. Maybe then I will be able to sew something Olivia needs.

I am not sure why I am complaining. I could start sewing some clothes for the springtime. She has barely grown, and I am sure if I sew something 1-2 sizes larger, the items will definitely fit. Plus, I got some wonderful fabrics today that will look great next summer. They are so soft and perfect for a little girl. Yippee!!!!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for.So back to my pattern. I have been wanting to test the fit of this wraparound bodysuit (6/2007 #05 size 62), because I would like to alter the pattern to make dresses. Anyways, I was quite happy how the whole thing went together. Very easy, and as always, everything matched right up and the body was sewn in no time. The only problem I had was with the binding and the snaps. Personally, I like to fold over the binding and then handstitch it. It always looks clean and it lies flat. However, this is a knit, and my method is used on wovens. So I am going to have to practice until I get it to look perfect. Maybe next time I can use the coverstitch. Scary thought! Back that one up. Not ready yet. The snaps. I placed interfacing behind the snaps, however one tug, and the material was ripping. Sewing a piece of grosgrain or fabric to the back of the snap would probably help to avoid this problem, much more then my interfacing.
To do list:
White T-Shirt – Nicolas
Black corduroy pants with large cargo pockets – Nicolas
Pinafore Dress – Olivia
Wraparound Dress – Olivia
Crawling Pants – Olivia